Fun To Fitness – Xbox Gives It For You

The gaming console race is becoming more and more vigorous these days with many brands producing high-tech gaming options to the customers. Microsoft Xbox group still has its place well-equipped with the Xbox One console having an estimated sale of over 50 million units.

The exclusives:

Xbox series is way cheaper than its competitors and includes great games too. Even the low-end model has HDR features and provides a more effective experience for any game. One other reason that makes this particular console worth owning is the list of exclusive Xbox One games that give an edge over the other brands. They also close the gap between PCs and gaming consoles by releasing most exclusives simultaneously on both platforms.

Whip up with Xbox:

Get into a fit fighting form with the help of the Xbox fitness range of games.

  • Fight-based workout games like ‘kung-fu for Kinect’ can help you burn 400-600 calories in an hour as this entertaining and immersive game involves the use of lots of power.
  • Dancing games are also great aerobic exercise for your body to get your sweat out. It also offers the Latin dance-inspired workout routine called Zumba fitness. The killer music and heavy steps can be a very motivating workout that is a total party!

What is there for kids?

Are you fed up with not able to play most of the video games along with your kids just because they are very kid-unfriendly? Xbox One can be savior in this case. There are a plethora of options in games to choose for a family game night that satisfies most of the critical criteria. Your hypercompetitive kid can play a racing game or an activity with you. The games also have a story mode which would be interesting for the kids.

Overall, Xbox one is really a great option for all kinds of people even for non-gamers.

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